Allston Community Apartments

Allston, MA

The studio’s focus was on community design so as a class we began by creating a masterplan for the center of Allston. We started by diagramming the site and analyzing the areas future needs which drove the design of the masterplan. After the masterplanning phase we broke up the new site with each student selecting a different mass to design. The area I worked on turned into a group project with two other students. We formed guildlines for the project including program, massing, building height and material choice. Then we diagramed the different conditions that we had to work with including adding retail, and parking. The parking became contained in the center with a courtyard happing above it. Each member then selected an area to focus on. The are I picked was on a residential street and consisted of only apartments. Studio apartments were located on the ground floor since they only had access to light on one side and two bedroom apartments are on the second and third floor.